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Giammaria De Paulis, Vice-President of Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria Teramo (Union of Industrials)

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Good practices of Confidustria in the field of communication, new economy and ICT

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Telework seems old-fashion compared to new technology. We are no longer afraid of working with partners far away. On the contrary there is a culture among employers who prefer to have employees nearby to maintain control. This is a real challenge. We cooperate all over the world. But telework is not about exchanging e-mails. It is about how to establish a close and trusting relationship on the distance, how to secure data and information, etc.

There is no concrete telework experience in Italy besides a number of projects. But there is a company where ½ of the employees are researchers (Diatech Pharma Cogenetics) They are spread all over the world collaborating with each other.

Another example is I-SUR (Intelligent Surgical Robotics). A robot controlled by a doctor on the distance can perform a surgery. This is modern telework.

A number of examples were mentioned. The main conclusion is that it is often small companies who experience with telework and not the large companies.

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