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Riga Technical University is the first higher educational establishment in the territory of present-day Latvia, established on 14 October 1862. Currently Riga Technical University has approximately 15 000 students studying at eight faculties and is the centre of technical and engineering education in Latvia offering a variety of possibilities for acquiring higher education and provides a well thought-out research development basis, which consists of 30 laboratories and centres, 33 research institutes and 103 departments and professional divisions. University’s mission is to conduct advanced scientific research vital for the growth of the Latvian national economy as well as to educate and train highly qualified specialists, who are both competitive and demanded on the international labour market.

The Institute of National and Regional Economy offers undergraduate and graduate studies in economics, regional development and urban economics and focuses its research on such topics as the national economy, regional, urban and rural development.

The researchers of Riga Technical University see a high potential in telework and the establishment of smart work centres, especially in Latvian regions outside the Riga metropolis region. We work in close cooperation with rural municipalities that have expressed their interest in the project, as well as actively promote the facilitation of telework as a way to promote regional development.

The Micropol team in Latvia are actively using smart work to perform their duties. Project coordinator Alise Vitola and researcher Iveta Baltina work from their home and keep in touch with their coolegues via e-mail, skype and phone. Even some of the project meetings have been organised via skype.


Role in your organisation : Professor, Director of the Institute
Role in Micropol Project : Project Leader for Partner P-09

Responsibility for project realisation in Riga Technical University in accordance with project management regulations in general ; ruling of the project team ; organization of the project and its monitoring ; planning, coordination and monitoring of the project resources and expenditures ; responsibility for timely and correct reflection of the information in RTU Project Management System and the preparation of researchers’ time sheets ; control of the schedule of project activities

CV :
Doctor Degree in Economics (1993) from Scientific Council of the University of Latvia.
Work at Riga Technical University in different positions. Since 2003 the Professor of the Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management, from 1997 to 2007 the Deputy Dean for Studies, since 2009 the Director of the Institute of National and Regional Economy. The Expert of Latvian Science Council, Member of Promotion Council, Member of Professors Councils of RTU and University of Latvia.

Role in your organisation : Scientific Assistant, Lecturer in Regional Development
Role in Micropol Project : Researcher

I am responsible for the communication and dissemination activities in Latvia – the Local Support Group, local seminars, publications, contacts with stakeholders and media. I also participate in the exchange of experiences as an expert in regional and rural development. Moreover, I ensure information flow from the Lead partner to our project team and prepare the information on performed activities and achieved results in monitoring reports.

CV :
I holds a Master Degree (2008) in Economics from Riga Technical University. From 2004 till 2011 I worked in public sector institutions (Ministry of Regional Development and Local Government, State Treasury) in the fields of policy planning and evaluation. I participated in drafting and monitoring such policy papers as Latvia 2030 and National Development Plan 2007-2013 and took part in the evaluation of EU Cohesion policy in Latvia.
Since 2010 I work at the Riga Technical University. My research interests cover such fields as regional and local development, creative economy and policy coordination.
I also work as a freelance consultant in regional development, strategic planning and evaluation projects. I am a member of Regional Studies Association (UK) and several local NGO’s.

Role in your organisation : Assistant Professor, Researcher
Role in Micropol Project : Researcher

Researcher of the 3rd component of project ,,Exchange of expierences dedicated to the identification and analysis of good practices“. The main tasks are to provide, coordinate and do the research about telecentres in European countries.

CV :
Education : 2011 - Promotion Thesis „Evaluation of the Competitiveness of Regions in Latvia” were defended to qualify for the degree of Doctor of Economics.
Working experience : From 2011 onwards - RTU, Faculty of Engineereconomics and Management, Institute of National and Regional Economics, Department of International and Regional Economics, assistant professor. I am giving lectures in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Economics of European countries and Economic policy of the EU.
Projects : 2009 – 2011 researcher in the project “Establishment of the center for spatial planning and sustainable development research in Kurzeme” (co-financed by the EEA/Norwegian financial mechanism, priority “Regional policy and development of economical activities”).
Research interests : Regional economy, competitiveness, EU structural funds, telework

Role in your organisation : PhD student in Economics and Management
Role in Micropol Project : Project Coordinator and Researcher

Since TELEWORK is a part of my everyday life my responsibility in our team is to analyse tendencies and last developments in TELEWORK and to propose methodological guidance for further researches. I hope that my previous experience in policy planning and implementation in government and municipality institutions will be useful for development of Regional Implementation Plan of Latvia.

CV :
I hold a Master Degree (2002) in Social Sciences from University of Latvia. From 1998 till 2010 I worked in public sector institutions (Ministry of Finance, Local municipality) in the fields of planning, monitoring and evaluation of EU funds. I participated in development and implementation of EU funds management system for 2004-2006 and 2007-2013 programming period, organization of development of Single Programming document of Latvia, monitoring of EU funds implementation, review of evaluation and audit reports, development and implementation of SF programme’s Control and Monitoring System, preparation of the internal monitoring system for EC external assistance in Latvia, and coordination of external Evaluation contracts on behalf of Latvian Public Administration.
Since 2010 I am performing as a freelance consultant in public administration, strategic planning and evaluation projects. My research interests cover such fields as efficiency and effectiveness of public administration as well as future of work of public institutions.

Role in your organisation : Researcher, Associate Professor of National and Regional Economics Institute at the Riga Technical University in Latvia
Role in Micropol Project : Researcher

My duties are connected with the collection of necessary information about smart work and smart work centers in Europe. I and my colleagues are responsible for finding the most appropriate tools for fasilitating smart work and creating smart work centers in the country.
I am responsible for the dissemination of our research results in meeting, conferences and publications. I take participation in local seminars as a speaker and collaborate with stakeholders.

CV :
I am a doctor of Economics since 2005, associate professor since 2010.
From 1994 till 1996 I worked for the Ministry of Transport as a Senior Officer. From 2000 till 2001 I worked in the Municipal development fund as the Assistant of Project Manager.
Since 2003 I work at the Riga Technical University. I have written the book “Analysis of Microeconomic : Market failures and public empowerment to eliminate them” and have published 14 articles. My research focuses on microeconomics, investments, strategies for sustainable development, distant work and regional development, as well as the economic, environmental and social aspects of externalities.

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- Iveta Baltina
Project Coordinator
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