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Salvator Florimbi, Manager of Chamber of Commerce of Teramo

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Rebalancing the local territory, demographic and employment dynamics within the Province of Teramo. Some working hypothesis.

The Chamber of Commerce is a public body supporting the business system of Teramo. They don’t have any experience with telework, but there is a need in the area that could maybe be solved via telework to rebalance the area and the province economically. Teramo is a small area where the mountains have a low density of population, and most people live by the coast. There is a tendency of people leaving the rural areas in the mountains for the coast or the cities. Therefore there is a need for a better balance.

The daily commuting is also from the mountains to the coast area which is much more industrialized. Micropol could reduce some of the commuting from the mountains every day.

The Chamber of Commerce has made small survey with some of their entrepreneurs regarding their view on telework. They felt that telework was characterized a lot by trust between the employer and the employee. Being an entrepreneur there is a need for physical control with employees which is why it was hard for them to imagine having employees on a different location.

In addition there is technology. In the mountains it is still difficult to establish a proper network connection to allow telework.

The fact that telework could suffer from isolation and lack of social relations to colleagues, the entrepreneurs suggested partial telework. This could also be a first step to see if telework could work at all. But seeing that they didn’t know anything about it nor had any experience they were open to suggestions and ideas.

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