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Maria Ceci, INAIL (National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work)

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Best practices within Public Administration INAIL was one of the first institutions to fully implement the telework agreement and thereby the institution has already some experience on telework.

The first experience with implementing the agreement however was difficult due to national law.

The main characteristics for the telework established by the INAIL institution is workstations situated in private homes.

Telework means flexibility and voluntariness from both sides. It must be equal salary, equal opportunities for having a career. But in reality analysis shows that teleworkers have lower promotion and career possibilities. INAIL has helped establishing an agreement to ensure teleworkers conditions.

The first telework project was introduced in INAIL in 2003 primarily for women who had just ended their maternity leave and needed a way back to the labor market. More projects followed after that including a much bigger target group for telework.

Since the first project, INIAIL has worked continuously to improve the conditions for the teleworkers and in 2007 a system for monitoring the teleworkers was introduced proving the effectiveness of teleworkers. Today there are several variants of telework, part-time work, full time work and even having a full time job but part-time as a teleworker at home.

In total telework offers better productivity combined with a better work/life balance. In terms of the productivity the teleworkers don’t always follow the traditional schedule for working hours during the day, but they make individual adjustment so in the end, they perform the same or even better than traditional workers.

In order to ensure relation to the company, most teleworkers have physical or virtual contact 2-3 times a week.

In Italy public and private companies have different conditions which means, that the private companies are limited by law implementing telework as a standard offer to their employees. A request has been submitted based on the need to introduce telework for employees in the private sector with children under the age of 5. They may have difficulties getting the company at a certain time during the day and could benefit from working at home if the type of work makes it possible.

In addition people with special temporary needs can request for working at home in a limited period of time.

Today INIAL has 335 workstations in private homes (26 men and the rest is women). Since the first telework project was established in 2003 there have been 900 teleworkers in connection with the institution. INIAL is a great success.

The success criteria have been flexibility, respect and recognition of the personal need. A person is not absent just by working somewhere else. Another aspect is ensuring the relation among the teleworker and the company in order to avoid isolation.

There is a clear need for more local projects on this area.

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