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Kõnnu Smart Work Centre

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Kõnnu SWC was established by the NGO Lahemaa Telework and Training Centres, which is a regional NGO actively developing a network of community work and training centres in rural areas of Northern Estonia in order to improve the local quality of life. In summer 2010 the NGO renovated Kõnnu (70 inhab) village hall to launch the Kõnnu SWC. The Kuusalu Parish owned the building and covered the administrative costs of the SWC.

The cost of Internet ja VoIP telephones was covered by workers themselves. In February 2013, SWC was moved ca 10 km, from village Kõnnu to village Kolga.

The building of Kolga SWC belongs also to Kuusalu Parish (local government), which has given the building to NGO on the basis of rental agreement for free (no payment for rent). Kuusalu Parish is covering the administrative costs (communal). Kolga SWC is managed jointly with another organisation, which is working in the field of real estate development.

Renovation of building has been done by these 2 organisations, which are managing the SWC. Investment for renovation was covered from LEADER Programme, also partly from an ESF project. The 2 organisations themselves are paying for internet connection and cleaning of SWC. NGO Lahemaa Telework and Training

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