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Co-Working Space Birojnica, Riga

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The first and largest co-working space in Latvia is called Birojnica (an Office). It is located in the center of capital city Riga and for a fee (6 euros a day, 36 euros pro month ; to compare work place in a traditional office costs 100 euro pro month) offers such services to teleworkers as a work place (freely transferable table and chair ; designed by a local designer), high speed wi-fi, news and business databases, tea and coffee, printing and scanning. For an additional fee a meeting room and post box is available.

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The fulfillment of Birojnica is around 10 clients simultaneously. They are not only self-employed persons but also employees from companies who time after time want to change their working environment. Thus Birojnica also serves as “the third place” (apart from office and home) to raise the creativity. Sometimes companies place their temporary employees in Birojnica, e.g. a programmer worked in Birojnica for a month and his employer paid the fee. Majority of Birojnica’s clients are professionals from the creative industries, IT specialists, people who start their own business, accountants, interpreters etc. The premises have been also used by the head-hunters for the tests and interviews of the potential employees.

Currently Birojnica has also two partners– a shop/ café / bar “Perle” and a bicycle shop / café / bar “Miit”. These partners were chosen by a voting in Facebook. In the weekend they also act like dance clubs. They have a unified ticket system which allows spending time in all the co-working spaces.

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