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Wednesday 21 March 2012

Welcome and short presentation by Jane Holm (LP) The LP welcomed everyone to the Kick off meeting.
There was a short presentation from everyone present.
The LP presented the project and the status on the formalities so far
Marie-Hélène encouraged everyone to take pictures of all the activities passing during the Kick off.
- download PP-welcome-un.zip (pptx)
Partner presentation Every partner presented themselves and their organizations. Background material was prepared and put in the folder for each participant.
Workshop 1 – our commonalities Based in the presentations, a workshop was conducted looking into what we have in common and what separates us in terms of the field tackled.

Some of the findings were

What do we have in common :

  • • The challenge of rural areas
  • • The great potential telework could bring to our local areas
  • • The interest in public-private partnerships
    • • How to be successful
    • • How to innovate together
  • • Third sector collaborations
  • • Rural employment rate
  • • How to establish and sustain SWCs What separates us :
  • • We are separated by our experiences in the field tackled
  • • In some countries this topic is on the public agenda and in some countries it is almost non-existent
  • • In some countries telework is seen with great potential and in some countries telework is seen with skepticism

We will make a map of what and how each one of us can contribute to Micropol and also when we need to go outside the partnership in order to look into some of the themes and topics.

The European policies on telework by Alise Vitola (P9) Alise presented the survey in substitute for her colleague. The findings from the presentation will be included in a survey they are doing on Smart Work Centres in Europe, which is expected to be finished in the fall.
- download EU overview 290212
The Future Labor Market by Anne-Marie Dahl, Futuria A/S We had a look into the future by a futurist, putting the topic on the edge and also looking into the future generations coming into the labor market.
- download The future laboor market
Drink and a short movie The LP presented a short movie on the North Denmark Region for the partners to see the area, they were visiting.
Event We had an event where we went sightseeing in Aalborg and the teams had to answer some teams.

One of the tests was to make a poem :

The blue team :
The kick off is so far fine
Micropol has a good start
With all our hearts
We put our appreciation in a rhyme

The green team :
State of art
Pole start
Work smart
Micropol our part

The pink team :
Quand je pense a Micropol
Je m’enrole
Quand je vais Micropol
Je suis folle

Thursday 22 March 2012

The framework of Micropol by Jane Holm (LP) and Ole Oerum, Master Vision ApS First Jane presented the expected outputs and results, we are going to reach during the project period. After this Ole presented a method or a model on how to reach them.
- Download Framework of project un
Workshop During the workshop looking into the activities, outputs and results the teams had different approaches. One team looked into the practicalities and the logistics of the events
  • • The host will make a draft for the agenda and send it to the partnership
  • • When we close down a seminar, the theme for the next seminar will be presented
  • • After each seminar the LP and the host will perform a thematic report
  • • There need to be at least 2 hotels to choose between, seeing that some partners have restrictions in terms of stars, etc.
    Another team were discussing how to reach the outputs
  • • We needed a map of each partners experiences and local activities in order to see what kind of knowledge and experiences are inside the partnership and what we need to get from the outside
  • • It is important already at this stage to have a plan for reaching the results, this means that each partner need a plan for who they can bring to the events in order to influence the policy level
  • • We also need a plan for how and where to go with the best practices

We also discussed the need for a political steering committee, but seeing that this has not been mentioned during the application process to be implemented in the application form, this is not a possibility now.

The LP and P3 will make a template for each seminar on the topic tackled and the challenges of
- 1. Transfer of practices
- 2. Implementation of policies
- 3. Implementation plans

Communication by Marie-Hélène and Clive Peckham (P10) Marie-Hélène presented a status on the communication activities so far.
There was dissatisfaction with the fact that the partnership had not been involved in the tender for logo, website, etc. There had been some tight schedules in France in order to have it prepared, but the LP and Marie-Hélène apologized for the process, and it will not happen again.
Clive Peckham introduced us to some of the challenges with the output of a documentary film. The budget is very low and we need to some work ourselves. We also need a story line, and Clive encouraged us all to think about some solutions that might help us with this. We are also looking for someone in the partnership organizations that might have competencies in this direction.
- Download Micropol communication plan
Workshop Unfortunately the time was running and we did not get much time to discuss. But mostly we agreed on the internal communication being primarily e-mail. A complete list of participants and their contact data will be made and send to the partnership.

We will not use social media because we don’t think this is the way to reach our target groups. We will not have a blog either – for a blog to be useful, it needs to be updated regularly and none of us have the time for this.

Then we talked about how to get the idea promoted and Open Coffee Ambassadors was mentioned. We will look more into that.

Finally the documentary was discussed further.

The LP and P10 will make a plan for how to reach the targets set for this component.

Culture and creativity in Regional Development Strategies by Anne Lorenztsen, Aalborg University Anne had a presentation on the benefits the Smart Work Centres could have on the employer, the employee and the local society.
- Download Oplaegkickoff Anne
Presentation on Danish feasibility study by Ole Oerum, Master Vision ApS Ole had a presentation on the findings he made in a feasibility on telework in 2011
- Download Ole_oplaeg
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