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Alessandro Perfetti, City of Teramo

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Overview on the Italian legislation in the field of telework and the implementations in terms of promotion and communication strategies There is a general lack of legislation on telework. It was introduces in a particular way. The regulatory from legislation partners and companies came before the national legislation on telework. It started spontaneously because the partners saw the need to make an arrangement on the area. Contracts were made. The first in 1994. Many of them were made in the tele-industry.

There was limited presence of collective bargaining. EU has prepared an overall framework to be implemented in each member state. This way each country can decide for them self which parts to emphasize according to their labor market. Another possibility is to implement the framework between the social partners and unions and thereby without involving the government. This has meant that there is a big difference in how the different member states have implemented the framework.

A framework agreement on telework at European level was concluded by EU Social partners 16 June 2002. It was binding for the signatory parties and their affiliated. The framework gave a general definition on telework. But seeing that no one has worked on the framework since there is a lack of rules on the recent forms of telework which also entitles the MICROPOL project.

In Italy an inter-confidential agreement was signed 9 June 2004 by several employers and employees associations. A project on promoting telework was introduces in the Senate (Senato Commisione on Labor) in 2006 but has not yet been concluded.

It is of great importance when we think of promotion and communication strategies in terms of telework
- Entrusted to the social partners
- Low level of development in information and promotion strategies
- A need to upgrade information and to raise awareness The approach so far has not been comprehensive, so there is a need !

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