a smarter way to work



Public Benefit Non-Profit Ltd. for the Development of Industry has been playing an active role in the economic-, technical- and innovational life of Hungary since 1990, bringing together the fields of logistics, quality assurance and environmental protection with a strong focus on improving job opportunities. IFKA manages and implements thematic projects, including those funded under European programmes such as Interreg IVC.

Staff and roles in organisation

- Mária Baracsi : International Project Expert
- Krisztina Bárdos, Ph.D : Managing Director

Short description about your role/responsability in Micropol Project

Mária is responsible for implementation of Central Hungarian activities carried out by the Public Foundation for the Development of Industry leading a team of experienced colleagues. In MICROPOL project Mária is committed to map Central Hungarian best practices and disseminate the concept of smart work forms supported by ICT solutions among stakeholders.