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South Estonia Smart Work Centres

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In framework of a ESF financed project LERK 2010-2012 ; 3 telecentres were established in the South-Estonia, creating thus a network of SWC-s in the region. In the project, firstly a feasibility study was carried out Innopolis Consultations Ltd in southern counties of Estonia to identify the local needs and most suitable locations for the SWC-s.

Thereafter, the premises for telecentres were selected, renovated and adapted and necessary solutions were made for remote jobs, furnished with remote workstations. A number of interviews and personality tests were carried out for selection of potential employees in the telecentres. Then, selected 53 candidates participated in the preparatory staffed training for future work. After passing the training, in total 40 employees applied to work in the telecentres. After the completion of the Project, the employers took over the running of telecentres in the region.

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